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What suppressor height sights are needed? Are there different ones depending on which model/brand you have or are they standard?

Any better brand of barrel? After market or Sig?
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I recently picked up a P320 Compact with the factory threaded barrel and the factory installed tall suppressor sights, model 320C-9-BSS-TB.

The Sig Tacops Carry (model 320CA-9-TACOPS-TB) is another option that comes with the factory threaded barrel and tall suppressor sights, but this one is more expensive than the model I bought since it comes with 4 of the 21-round mags.

With the cost of an additional barrel and swapping out sights I would see if you can find a good deal on the same model I bought as I got mine for a great price on gun broker. Otherwise I would just buy the Sig OEM components as they seem to work great and I don't think there are many aftermarket options for barrels at this point.

The tall suppressor sights clear my Osprey 45 by a wide margin, and also sufficiently clear a standard diameter 9mm pistol can. They barely clear the larger diameter cans like the Omega 9k.

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I bought a couple sets of suppressor height sights.
But I swap my can around between several pistols and a couple of rifles.
I eventually found it easier to “shoot through the can”.
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