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On a whim, and because I'm really liking the 5.25 10mm I've had for a few months, I just picked-up a SA XDM-OSP in 9mm that comes with two barrels, one of which is threaded. Mounted the RMR yesterday, and now I'm getting the urge for another can.

A Liberty Regulator for .22 was my first suppressor and I've been very happy with it. Does anyone here have any experience with the Centurion, specifically on a 9mm handgun?
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I have a Centurion in jail. Like you , I have a Regulator. I also have a Mystic - which is a longer Centurion. The Mystic is billed as the “do all “ suppressor. I have the pistons and fixed barrel attachments for the Mystic, so it made sense to buy a Centurion. The Mystic really is a “do all “ suppressor- going on my 6.5 Creedmor - 223 - 9 mm carbine- 9 mm pistol. I wanted a shorter 9 mm can - which is the Centurion. The intent is more of a dedicated 9 mm can.
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