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Let's say I've got $2-3K to spend. Likely hosts include my go-to P228, assorted ARs, and a precision .308 bolt gun.

I won't likely want more than two cans mounted at a time (which would probably be on either two ARs or one AR and the P228), but other setups are possible. A cross-platform QD mounting option would be a huge plus.

Here's what I'm looking at (based on in-stock availability @ SilencerShop for convenience):

Dead Air Wolfman ($829)
SilencerCo Octane 9 2.0 ($499)
CGS MOD-9SK ($565)
Griffin Armament Resistance 9 ($629)
F1 Apollo Elite ($900)

OSS HX-QD 556 Ti ($1,115)
OSS HX-QD 556 ($895)

Dead Air Nomad-30 ($819)
YHM N20 ($965)
Dead Air Nomad-L ($875)
Dead Air Sandman-S ($849)
Dead Air Sandman-L ($969)
Dead Air Sandman-K ($759)
OSS HX-QD 7.62 ($912)
Daniel Defense Wave DT ($759)
SilencerCo Saker 762 ASR ($778)
Gemtech GMT-300BLK ($862)
F1 Voyager Elite ($989)
Griffin Armament Optimus ($986)
F1 Voyager Sniper ($1,125)
OSS HX-QD 762 Ti RAW ($1,219)
Griffin Armament Paladin 300 ($941)

Based on the volume of reading and watching reviews that I've done, I'm generally impressed with Dead Air's cans, and I was leaning towards a pair of Wolfmans (Wolfmen?) to cover all of the platforms I listed, but with so many damned choices (honestly, even trying to sort out the Dead Air Sandman series was giving me a headache), I thought I'd consult the collective wisdom of the Forum to make sure I get the most bang (or least, as it were) for my buck.

What should I buy?


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I went through the same thing and ended up with an Omega 36m. It can handle everything from .380 to .338.

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Some thoughts:

I wouldn’t get an OSS can unless you had a specific need for a low back pressure can. They are heavy, expensive, and don’t suppress great. I finally ordered one, but it was only for specific guns like the Tavor and ARX-160 that are very gassy.

Wolfman is mostly a PCC can. It’s a bit too large for use on a pistol like the P228. You can use it for supersonic rifle rounds, but you need to use a brake on the muzzle to protect the can. I think a Nomad 30 would be a better choice for a rifle can.

Never been a big fan of the Sandman series. The -K is loud, and the others have been overtaken in performance by lighter, cheaper cans.

Optimus is OK if you only have one can. You have a ton of configuration options to go with, but like they say, Jack of all trades, master of none. Is relatively heavy and long in the rifle configurations, and the smaller pistol can diameter drops the performance over larger diameter dedicated rifle cans.

My advice would be to get a pistol can and a 30 cal rifle can, instead of two rifle cans, and using one on a pistol.

My primary pistol can is an Osprey 9. I have an Obsidian 45 if I have a need for using on a .45 pistol, but this can is mostly dedicated for my LWRC SMG-45 PCC. Optimus gets little use these days. Mostly for specialized uses like on A2 flash hiders. Otherwise, it’s a backup can. For rifle cans, have quite a few, but for what’s on your list, like the Nomad 30 and Paladin 300.

If you really need two rifle cans, recommend buying a third can. YHM makes good stuff at a great price. You can get two YHM rifle cans plus a pistol can of your choice and easily stay within your price range.
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I would use the same decision tree as Dwill
1) 30 caliber can to handle rifle 5.56 and 308
2) pistol caliber can for 9mm.

For a 30 cal can --Deadair Sandman or Nomad. Just decide on how to attach-direct thread or QD. Sandman is indestructible per Mike Pappas.
For a pistol 9mm can--light weight , low profile so you can use reg sights. Deadair Odessa, AAC Illusion meet that criteria but they are out of stock.

Difficult decision based on product availability.
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I settled on a YHM Resonator for a .30 rifle can, and use it on a couple of 5.56 rifles now. I need to have the barrel on my 6.5CM bolt gun threaded yet, then I'll be using it on that rifle too.

I'm in the process of deciding on a pistol can now. I'm leaning toward buying the Rugged Obsidian 45 and using it on both a .45ACP 1911 and one or two 9mm pistols.
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My thoughts:
Two suppressors:
1) dedicated pistol can. I love the Odessa9 because you can choose your size and use regular sights. Omega 9k also good.
2) rifle can: Dead Air Sandman-S or Surefire Socom RC2 both have solid lock ups, moderate back pressure, not overly hugged but good suppression. can be used on anything up to 308. I lean Sandman-s as the bets all around 5.56/308 can.

Good luck. There are plenty of good options out there. I tend to stick to the known names and prefer durability and size over absolute DB optimization.
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