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Picked up a ruger precision rimfire in 22 magnum. Looking for a little more reach and power out here.
Mask says its rated for mag and 17.
What to expect?
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I run trains!
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Most modern rimfire cans from the big name manufacturers are rated for 22 mag, 17 HMR, and even 5.7x28. That said I’ve yet to suppress my 22 mag so no first hand experience on the effects.

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Do you have other suppressed firearms?
What to expect?
Bullet crack. Lots of bullet crack.
I’ve never seen subsonic 22 mag.
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I have a suppressed 17 HMR.
Lot of crack like Hudr stated-problem is its supersonic.
Upside--cleaner than reg rimfire.
Don't expect "movie" quiet.
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