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First I've heard about this gun. Anyone have any actual hands on/exposure to this yet?

Link to original video:

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Seems like the overall consensus is it works, but fit & finish isn't the best for a pistol of this price... and it's heavy & bulky.
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That seems consistent since what's his face in the video compared it to shooting an HK Mk23 in feel.
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Saw it at SHOT, but that's about it.

Niche' weapon IMO.
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Finally got to fondle one at my Local Fun Store. It is as nose heavy as it looks. Hands down the worst 'feature' is the 30# trigger pull. Well, I'm not sure it's 30#, but it is the heaviest trigger pull I have ever felt in 30 years of shooting. The trigger pull alone makes this a no go for me.

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Handled one of the original prototypes at SHOT a couple years back when it debuted. The first prototypes (like the one I got to play with that year) were basically front-end conversions of the S&W M&P.

Last year, I got to shoot one. My impressions of its Glockness did not change. I shot it at the end of the day when it was very dirty and probably had a couple hundred rounds through it. The trigger was better, but still very Glocklike. It didn't want to go into battery a couple times, but I chalk that up to being dirty and short on lube.

It's a big gun. Felt like was in Robo-cop except it was suppressed instead of full-auto. I can't see attaching a useful flashlight to it in the standard light position (even though the one I tested had a rail on the bottom of the suppressor), as the light would hang down under the suppressor and make the total package even bigger. I could see a flashlight that's integrated under an RDS and mounted forward on top of the slide (as odd as that sounds). I guess it's possible to place light on the side too, depending on the holster and shooter's preferred drawing hand.

Finding a holster for the thing is going to be a challenge--I think something like an IPSC cradle-style holster would work, otherwise it's just too damn much material to go around the entire suppresor/slide and then you the issue of the forward "scout" mounted optics position (forward of the ejection port). Since the back of the slide is the part that moves (kind of like on a .22lr pistol), you don't want to add any weight there, or you have slide velocity problems. [Mounting an optic there would also subject it to blowback from the suppressor, which is bad for RDS sight picture clarity.]
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the youtuber Matt on the Demolition Ranch channel has one now. it was in his last video, but he doesn't review it. just shoots it.

There was a picture going around Tumblr I saw that had the Maxim 9 next to the MK23. it made the MK23 look kinda smallish.

I haven't held one though.

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I got to shoot my neighbor’s maxim 9 over the weekend.

I wasn’t that impressed. Terrible trigger, and shooting 147g it didn’t seem to be quieter than other 9mm cans.
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