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Very first shot with my Surefire socom, shot it off. Wasn't indexed and locked correctly. Thought I learned my, expensive, lesson.
First shot on a ruger american ranch in 7.62x39, didn't sound right.

Looked and sure enough another baffle strike.
Only thing I can think of is I didn't get the mount square on the muzzle when I put it on?

Back in CA and I hope to know soon.
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Was the barrel threaded to the bore or the barrel? Should be threaded to the bore to ensure a straight bullet path. Anytime I use a new gun/suppressor combo I use a laser chamber bore sighter.
Yep, I had a baffle strike. Yep, it’s overkill.
Yep, it takes a long time for the company to repair.
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Two Strikes...You know what they say! Wink

Sounds like you are in DEFINITE Need of one (maybe both) of these -->

ETA - Make sure you are NOT using a 'Crush Washer' behind your Mount(s), which can often (usually?) lead to a Canted Mount! Use Shims instead (when using a Flash Hider or a Muzzle Brake), especially if you want to 'time' the mount.


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Go ahead punk, make my day
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Either you are:
(1) not putting the cans on right,
(2) not putting the muzzle devices on right, or
(3) your threading on the weapons is crappy, leading to poor alignment.

Regardless, figure it out and STOP.

Or just send me money instead of burning it yourself! Big Grin
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A guy did that at my range yesterday. First shot, new suppressor. The can went 25 yards!

"I Get It Now"

Beth Greene
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