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WTB vintage Star Wars toys, (1970's-1980's), might trade ammo. Ammo is not for sale. Message or text me at two one 4 two one 3 5900. Thanks in advance.
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"The deals you miss don’t hurt you”-B.D. Raney Sr.
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Are you looking for anything in particular?
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Semper Fidelis Marines
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I have the original soundtrack , in its original record sleeve with not a scratch on them. 33RPM

thanks, shawn
Semper Fi,
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I got some action figures. Email me.
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Bunch of savages
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I have maybe 15 or so of the 4” figures. None are in the original box. My pride and joy is a 12” Chewbacca that is almost pristine. Still have the crossbow, but he is missing some of the charges from his satchel. I don’t think I could sell it.

I apologize now...
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Have SEVERAL of the original Kenner 4" figures in varying conditions WITH weapons. A couple are boxed in acrylic cases. Might still have one or two still in original packaging, but I'd have to do some serious dumpster-diving to find those. Have an original Yoda hand puppet (always felt weird about that'n Razz ). Also have several original stills/photos; a few that have autos that were done in-person at some Cons back in the day.

I wouldn't normally entertain a trade like this, but as we all know: WAY different times now Roll Eyes .

To that, what kind of ammo do you have available? Caliber; type; grain; brand; amount?

HK45c Tactical
P30S V3
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And a butt-load of P7's...
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