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Making room for some new toys, no trades. Apparently I have lost the skill of making photos appear in a post. I'm trying to fix that but until I do, you can right click and see the photos.

Colt Defender - $850 shipped
I got this in a trade. Original owner had swapped the magazine release for a stainless EGW extended model, the rear sight for a wide 10-8 ledge, and the thumb safety for a Wilson drop in. All original parts included. I put a small piece of grippy stuff on the front strap since I planned to carry it. He had Wright Armory in Mesa, Arizona do a trigger and reliability package on it as well. Trigger breaks right at 4.5lbs He said he put about 200 rounds through it after the work was done on it with no issues. I have about 350 rounds through it with no issues. The shorter 1911 frame just isn't right for my hands so I'm moving it on. These came with two stainless, flat bottom Colt magazines and I am including two Chip McCormick shooting star magazines with base plates since I have no other Officer framed pistols.

Springfield MC Operator - $850 shipped
This has been replaced with two other railed 1911s in my stable so I'm moving it along. I bought it used in 2012 and have maybe 500 rounds through it, no malfunctions. I ran it for a low light portion of a two day pistol class and there is a little wear on the slide from the holster having some debris in it. It's very small and was hard to take a photo of but I am including the best one I could take. During that class, the bottom of one of the original mags blew out so it only has one of the blued, seven round mags with it. I am including a Wilson 47D and Chip McCormick shooting star mag. I've never used the holster and mag pouch that came with it but I assume they work just fine. Has the original Pachmayr grips and a set of Hogue finger groove grips that came with it that I never could get used to. The tritum in the sights is still very bright.

Beretta 96G-SD - $800 shipped
Bought used back in 2015, I have put about 200 rounds of 40 through it, and then swapped in the barrel from 92 and run another 500ish through it. Great pistol, but I recently acquired two Elite LTTs and I don't need this anymore. Comes with three 10 round 40S&W mags.

** SPF - S&W 637-2 - $300 shipped - SPF **
Purchased new in November of 2017, I thought I wanted a J-frame but it just isn't for me. I tried a lot to get this to my liking, had a local gunsmith do a trigger job on it (2.5lb SA pull, 8.5lb DA pull very smooth) and it has Apex Tacitcal's J-Frame Duty/Carry kit installed also. I have 120 rounds through it and it's had no issues, it just doesn't do it for me. Both keys for the lock are included in the box. I'm including two Safariland speedloaders, a basic nylon loader pouch, a leather loader pouch and a pocket holster as well.

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I’ll take the 637-2

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