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Not ftf in Maine (your vision on price probably precludes that) but there is a nice one posted above.

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My vision on price? Not sure what that means...that somehow classic Sigs carry a premium in Maine over the rest of the USA? Guys trying to cash in & get $1200 for pistols that just a few months back were $750 isn’t me be unrealistic - it’s them being greedy. And like I said, I can see that $750 now being $850/$900 - after that, I’ll keep my 230 & buy a CZ...
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You do realize that the ATF does not get a S/N (or even a Manufacturer & Model #) as part of the NICS Background Check on a Transfer, correct? The only info that's part of the NICS Check is obviously your identity, so they can actually do the background check, and whether the transfer is for a handgun or long gun....That's it!

Unless your FFL doesn't use a 'Bound Book' for Transfers, and uses electronic records, the likelihood of the ATF ever getting more info about the transfer is essentially nil. Even if the FFL goes out of business and turns in his Bound Book(s) and a pile of 4473's to the ATF, they're not likely to do manual data entry to electronically record all the historical transfer data. If you've got concerns, then don't do transfers where the FFL uses electronic records (where all the 4473 data is entered through a computer). In that case, if the FFL goes out of business, the ATF can simply import the data.

Unless you're a Prohibited Person, there's NO reason to be concerned about the NICS Background Check and a Transfer through an FFL! Just Sayin' Wink


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