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So I'm in NC for work and while exploring the area last week I saw a sign for 67 Hardware saying they are a Case XX Knife dealer. I decided to swing by and was glad I did. While some might call this place a dump (ok it is kinda dumpy inside), they have hundreds of knives in stock. Case, Benchmade, Sypderco, CRKT, Boker, Gerber, Buck, Old Timer, Ka-Bar, Ontario and many more I'm missing. They also have hardware, guns and ammo (not a huge inventory on guns and prices on them are only so-so).

I picked up a NIB Benchmade 940 Osborne for $152 which is $30 cheaper than the big name knife stores that are online.

So if you are in the area of I77 @ Exit 82 (Elkin/Jonesville), check them out, you might find a deal.....

PS. Only the 1st image is mine. The others were pulled of the internet so I don't take credit for those photos.

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Now that's my kind of store. Throw in some army surplus and I'll be back.


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That is awesome. I wish we had a store like that around here.

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Yup, that Hardware store would cost me some molar!
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Haha, we were just there 2 weeks ago!
My wife & I took my Harley over to Virginia Tech to see my son one more time before class started. Then headed down to Lake Norman Mooresville NC to visit my brother and his family.

As we went down I 77 there was that big sign on the right and I could hear my wife groan "oh great" (The same thing she says when we see gun shops and Pawn shops that I want to go into!).

The place is kinda dumpy, but has an old world feel to it, and the people were very nice. I bought a bunch of Case folders with bone handles for my nephews, and my wife picked up a nice mother of pearl Queen for herself.
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What do you mean, "dumpy?" That place looks like hardware stores should look. Pre Home Depot.

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That place is cool.
I've stopped there a couple times and picked up a few items.

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I've been past that exit a hundred times and keep saying I'll stop someday. Next time may be the day.

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What a cool store.
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For those of us to far away they are online @ type knives into their search engine.
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Another reason to make a trip there. I-77 has some beautiful sights, especially on a clear day.
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My family farm was/is 3 miles from there.

We had a family "credit line" there all my life growing up. It's a true mom and pop store. I went to school with their kids. Bought many guns and knives from them through the years.

It's expanded considerably through the years. Great people...truly kind and hard working people...the owners (David and Karen) and their grown kids still call me by my (VERY UNCOMMON) first name when I walk in, and I only pop in once every year or two now.

If anyone gets a chance to spend their money there, you are supporting truly good people.

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Although sometimes distracting, there is often a certain entertainment value to this easy standard.

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That store started out Life as a food mart and let me tell you it put food lion to shame at the speed at which they bag groceries.

Now its a hardware store and ANYTHING you need David can get. Guns, lumber, plumbing even musical instrument (the onwer plays a harmonica and has a few first place ribbons).

It's a really cool store that if your in the area you should visit, also one of the few places i don't get mistakenly called by my brothers name....

They also do a lot of business on ebay
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That store and JR Tobacco were on the must stop list when trucking down I-77. Great place, great folks.
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