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My son was given this as a birthday present. It's Vietnam Era. Looks like the blade might have started out as a file at some point, judging by the wear on the blade, and very noticeable "file marks" on the top of the blade towards the point. Nothing distinguishable on the sheath, other than brown and leather.

On the left hand side of the blade (blade facing down), it's marked "U.S.". Directly below and centered it's marked "CONETTA".

I'm taking my friend who gave it him shooting tomorrow, I'm hoping I can trade him "info for info" about his knife. He carried it in Viet Nam.

Original thread.

I apologize now...
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Not an expert, just doing a bit of Googling on a lazy Sunday;

Conetta Cutlery was one of the contractors for the Mark 2 knife post WW2. The striations are normal for the era, it's not file markings.

Technically not a Ka Bar as that is a trade name, kind of like Kleenex for these knives though.

Your friend's story and the personal connection are special, the knife is simple one of millions (literally). Someone may come along and know this or that about the handle or the grooves or whatnot, but there's enough hits on knife forums to pretty much tell there's nothing particularly unique, nor can it be dated to anything closer than "Vietnam Era".
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I agree with Rustpot.
I collect this sort of knife and in my experience, the Conetta is more difficult to find than the standard Ka-Bar and Camillus versions. And yes all of the Conetta examples I have seen exhibit the same degree of striations on the blade.
Lastly, if you notice there is no US Army logo stamped into the front of the leather sheath. ALL Ka-Bar type knives which came with a sheath that has a Army or USMC logo on the front ARE NOT military issue.
This one is legit.


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Those are not file marks. They are milling or grinding marks from manufacturing.
I have a couple of much newer Imperial Mk3 Navy knives and they have a similar, although less coarse, marks.
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