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I considered getting a Spyderco Military, but decided it was too large. That was the right choice. This Paramilitary is large, but not too big for practical carry. The whole blade is 3.4" long and the handle is 4.75". It is quite light for its size, which may be more important for comfortable carry. This also has a clip which can be moved from top to bottom and left to right, which is nice. The Military has only one place for the clip, which is tip down, which I don't like.

This version is S110V, which I haven't used before. I think it will be like S30V, but more so. The blade is not too thick, and flat ground. It should slice very nicely. Many knives made now are in the super-heavy-tactical-prybar style. They seem impressive, and are. But the very thick blades make them heavy, and too thick to be good cutters. This blade shape and thickness has great cutting geometry.

As a bonus, I like the blue-purple color of the G-10. It is lightly textured and the edges are broken. Nothing to wear out your pocket.

The lock is what Spyderco calls a compression lock. A piece of the liner swings into position between the blade and the stop pin and into a notch on the back of the blade. You don't have to put your finger in front of the blade to release the lock.

I am pleased. I am becoming more a fan of Spyderco.

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I love the color of those handles!
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Looks really heavy duty compared to my Endura.
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It's Blurple. After reading your brief review, I now want to go check one out at the Cabellas or Bass Pro near me.

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For all the lefties, Spyderco just released a 500-unit run of left handed PM2s
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My brother carries a Para2, I've handles it and it's nice. If I didn't already have a Military, I'd be tempted by a Para2.

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I have a PM2 in 30v & a Native5 in 110v. I think you'll find the 110v to be a little harder than the 30v & will hold an edge longer.

I avoided Spydercos for years because I just thought they looked weird. After actually handling & using them though, I realized that a lot of thought went into the designs & they actually work very well.


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I love the PM2, my favorite pocket knife. I wear a black blade/digi camo handle every single day.

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A PM2 is next for me, for sure.
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Until just recently, a PM2 rode in my pocket every day. Nice choice!


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Welcome to the club! I got that same knife last summer and since have two more PM 2's.

I toO wenT from the "tactical" HD knives to the more svelt Spyderco's--I really like them.


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You bastards! I already have a CF/M4 PM2, one of my favorites, but here you go, on and on, and next thing I know there's a "blurple" G-10/S110v one in my shopping cart. You bastards!
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Love both of mine. This is my EDC now.

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