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I have a 11 1/2" coated stainless steel blade,with the handle it'a 16 3/8" overall.

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The only one I have is a Kinfolks V44; 9.5" blade, 14" overall.

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this is the biggest standard bowie we make. i think it has a 9.0" blade. we don't get many requests for a larger blade than that.


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I've really only owned a couple of Bowie style knives.

Ron Newton 11" blade, sold it years ago:

Ron Newton, small "Sheriff's Bowie", 5" Blade, a keeper:


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Back when Obasm made ivory illegal, a fool at the big Louisville show offered up a genuine Randall 12-12" on the cheap. Yes, it had an elephant ivory handle. My resident Randall expert said it dates to maybe 1954. I bought it and love it. Its even got the brass back brazed/welded in place.

Looking at it, you can't tell if its ever been used. I can tell you that it has... Big Grin

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I got one of these⚔️⚔️
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I have an Ontario Marine Raider Bowie that I found when out hunting. It's a beast, and is my "Truck Knife". Blade is 9 3/4".

I also have a 75th Anniversary Buck 119 with a 6"blade. My Bowie itch is fully scratched.

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I also have a V-44, but mine is a Collins. I was given it as gift in 1946 by a Marine Cpl.

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10" blade

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Originally posted by Z06:

10" blade

The knife is fantastic, what is the revolver almost big enough to be a walker colt

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