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I have wanted a Buck 119, with brass mounting and wooden handle for years. The prices and availability are all over the place, and at some times wood seems to be completely unavailable. Every now and then I google to see what's out there, and surprise, Walmart online had the right stock number for $66.75, but showed the wrong picture (a folder). So I read the description and took a shot at it.

To my astonishment, not only did they ship the right knife, but it is the 75th Anniversary Edition. I am a happy camper. Not the world's toughest 6" knife, nor the most tactical, nor the fanciest steel, but they do work and last a couple of lifetimes with good care.

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Great score! I also love my Buck 119.

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Nice score!

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Of all the fixed blades, It's my favorite.

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A couple years ago I bought some nice Ingrams to use as hunting knives for future trips with my sons. The plan was eventually to hand the knives down to my boys as something to remember the hunts. Fast forward 2 years and the the Ingrams havent left the safe as we've just been hunting locally and have forgone the out of state trips where I figured the biy would have fonder memeories of. So the 110 and 119 have been the workhorses and have in they eyes of my 2 sons become part of the tools we bring when hunting, inadvertently displacing the much nicer Ingrams. I still have the Ingrams but both of the boys got their own 110's this years with 119's to come in the near future.

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