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Not really from Vienna
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Yer pitchers are invisible due to photobucket's extortion racket.

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Almost as Fast as a Speeding Bullet
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Here you go. No idea what it is, but I can at least post it from my imgur acct.

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I work at a printer and the guys in the press call those roll knives. They use them to cut and splice paper rolls to be fed into the presses.
Of course, that particular knife could have been used for just about anything.

some examples
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Whatever it is, it looks like it's taken a bow.

regarding that it could have been used for just about anything, I agree. I have a kitchen utility knife from the defunct Sharper Image. It's my favorite letter opener as I can sharpen it very nicely for slitting open envelopes. I have the bevel set at 10 degrees.

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I have seen similar blade shape on two knives used for different uses.

The first was my father's knife that he used as a sailmaker, so in my household, such a knife was always referred to as a "sailmaker's knife".

The second time I saw that blade shape was for an arborist's knife. Used for trimming and splicing plants. I believe that the arborist's knife was also made in Germany, and may have been a right hand chisel grind, rather than balanced.

Neither knife was a fixed or bowed blade, however. Both were folders.

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