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Free men do not ask
permission to bear arms
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What is a "Lion Tribe Design".

A gun in the hand is worth more than ten policemen on the phone.
The American Revolution was carried out by a group of gun toting religious zealots.
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It's the company name of a forum member.

Here's my custom from them

Liontribe Designs Custom Tigershark by Brad Benzing, on Flickr

Writing the next chapter that I've been looking forward to.
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He (forum member dozer) made me this:

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Bunch of savages
in this town
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A fellow forum member, who is well versed in forging artwork into knives.

I don't own any, but I drool over most of his creations. He is very talented.

I apologize now...
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Knife Farmer
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you fellas are too kind. i just feel blessed to be able to make knives and have a great customer base. i am working on lots of new things for the summer. i get to live that Steeldrivers song, Guitars, Whiskey, Guns and Knives. never thought it would be this fun to work this hard, if that makes sense.


"She's got a cherry-handled pistol in her lollipop pocket." Five Horse Johnson
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Age Quod Agis
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Drop Out Hunter by dozer / Liontribe.

"We may consent to be governed, but we will not be ruled." - Kevin D. Williamson, 2012

"All the citizens of this land are of right freemen; they owe no allegiance to any class and should recognize no task-masters. Under the chart of their liberties, under the law of high heaven, they are free and without shackles on their limbs nor mortgages upon the fruits of their brain or muscles; they bow down before no prince, potentate, or sovereign, nor kiss the royal robes of any crowned head; they render homage only to their God and should pay tribute only to their Government. Such at least is the spirit of our institutions, the character of our written national compact."

Charles Triplett O’Ferrall of Virginia - In Congress, May 1, 1888
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