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Been around as long as Randall, but have changed hands a few times
Started out in Miami, moved a couple times and are now made by Kabar
We’re in Richmond, Va for a while, then Blackjack in Effingham,IL bought the name and made them for a couple years.

Picked this #5 Bowie up in a pawn shop for $30
Been well used, but blade is full.
Full tang and built like a tank

Sheath is marked Richmond,VA

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I have a couple around here someplace, classic wood handle double edge and a paracord boot knife

I doubt either would break or let one down

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$30 for that knife is a great deal! I've liked EK since my days of sneaking Soldier of Fortune magazines into my school backpack to pass the time in math class.
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I've long wanted an M4 for no real reason... oh, for about 35 year now. Never bought one because they were around $100! Roll Eyes

Of course the double edge blade of the m4 isn't super useful to me.. seeing as how that makes it a "dagger" here and illegal, and how many more knives that I can't take out of the house do I really need? Wink I may have enough TEOTWAWKI knives already. Big Grin

The #5's got my attention, but I've never run across one for a price I was willing to pay.

The current "Ek" knives are kind of sad. Frown

I've long thought about buying one of the cheaper wrapped versions and making some custom scales for it.

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Yours is a M6 not an M5. Interesting your "find" is marked "Hoffritz" German steel. I don't recall ever seeing those before. Most likely a special run for Desert Storm in 1991 by Ek in Richmond Va.

I have a few... pre-Blackjack Big Grin

1991 Ek Custom Shop modified HCS1718 steel M-5IM 7" bowie w/ desert tan guard and pins on my hand carved fingergrooved cocobolo handle with desert tan sheath. Original ivory micarta grips at bottom of picture
M-6 double edged bowie with desert camo paracord grip, tan teflon fixtures and desert camo sheath
M-5 single edged bowie with walnut handle and brass fixtures
M-6 double edged bowie with brass guard, camo paracord grip and OD web sheath
M-5 Rare "stealth" single edged bowie totally black powder coated, neoprene grips and black sheath
Secret Agent double edged boot knife with black paracord grip and leather sheath

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I’ve lusted after the Model 5 for years but never picked one up. Not particularly interested in the modern KABAR offering.
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I don't recall how many years ago, I bought an EK Aussie Bowie, I believe it was called. IIRC, I paid about $30.00 for it new. Now wish I'd also bought one of the models with the rivets in the handle as in the photos.

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