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Para, if you want to nuke this, I understand.

My son has a Mini Griptilian, which was his first big boy knife over a decade ago.

He carried it for a couple of years and apparently used it for something other than a knife, as he took a chunk out of the blade. A chunk so big, that I was not comfortable trying to remove it by sharpening it.

I sent it to Benchmade for its Lifetime Lifesharp service. I did pay USPS Priority Mail to get it there. In less than two weeks, it was returned. I do not know how they sharpened or fixed the blade, but it looks like new.

I have vowed to never buy another Benchmade knife. However, I thought this positive experience was worth passing along to those who have Benchmade knives that need service.

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Their service has always been top notch. They will replace blades, clips, or almost any damaged parts.

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I had the opportunity to hit their booth at the NA show a few years back. They engraved my purchase while I waited but disassembled my son's 10 year old knife, cleaned, reassembled and sharpened at the same time for free. This included taking out a pretty big chip in the son's blade.

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