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Many years ago as a Thank You for some work I did at my gun club, I was presented with a couple of Al Mar SERE folders, engraved. They came with nice leather sheaths. They're beautiful knives but I never use them and they've sat in my safe for 20+ years now. I took them out a couple weeks ago to check them out and found the sheaths encrusted in verdigris around all the metal grommets and such. Some of it was on the knives themselves, too.

I cleaned the knives up as best I could, but the sheaths are ruined. So I'm looking for a couple of nice, USA-made nylon sheaths for them. I've checked with the online knife sellers (Smokey Mtn, Knifeworks, etc.) but not found anything that isn't either branded for other manufacturers or made in China. These are big knives for folders, 6" long closed. I also have a third SERE folder, a little newer and a little smaller (5" closed) that came in a box without a sheath. I'd like to get one for that knife too.

Any suggestions?

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Take a look at some of the knife makers supply places such as Texas Knifemakers Supply, Jantz Supply, Pops, etc.
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yeah, it is never a good idea to keep knives in leather for long periods of time. just like any natural substance, it can degrade, deteriorate and corrode whatever it is in contact with. you also never know what chemicals were used to tan and dye the leather. just a good rule of thumb.


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I've used Bill's Custom Cases for years, I would contact Bill and get a few of his padded cases. I store my Loveless knives in his cases that's how much I trust them.


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