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Rolan, as to the lightning.... I'm very happy with it for what it is. I'm more appreciative of a utilitarian knife than a pretty and expensive knife that I don't want to put a scratch on. Edge retention is probably the only thing I might be disappointed in, but let's be honest, for 25 bucks I can hit it with the stones a lot of times before I have spent as much time and money as I might on another brand in the future.

My only disappointment was getting the wrong knife shipped to me in the smaller knife. I've contacted direct knife sales to see if this was just an accident in the warehouse selection process (I'm not really sure how big they), or was it considered a direct replacement for something out of stock. I haven't heard back yet. I knew the smaller knife was likely going to be just a toy or letter opener but I wanted the single edge of the one I ordered with the activation switch on the edge rather than in the face of the grip.
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Rolan, I know you have a lot on your mind right now (God bless you, brother), but did you ever get your Lightning or Titan OTF, and if so, how do you like it/them?
Mine's still sharp (touch up on Crock sticks) and fires well, so I'm still carrying it nearly every day, unless I need a beater that I'll pry staples or open beers with. (Yes, I know this knife is clearly in the "beater" class, but I have a faithful old CRKT Mirage that's a veteran of doing things with a knife that shouldn't be done...)
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Because of this thread I bought 2 Lightnings. I am impressed!
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How wrong can you go for those prices?

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