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I love my Mini Emerson CQC7 and Mini A-100. I love my Small Sebenza and the Benchmade I carry on-call. I now EDC a SAK in dayglo.

However, in a SHTF situation, I would take my Spyderco Techno over any of the knives I own.

It is small, thick and heavy. I could dig my way to China with this knife, it is that tough.

Yes, someone here posted a pic of a Techno a couple of years ago and it was love at first sight.

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I bought Spyderco Mariner and Police knives in the Eighties. The Mariner disappeared during a coastal kayaking excursion, which taught me to never trust a pocket clip. I still have the Police, though it now has a squared-off tip. (Never pry with a knife tip!)

Other favorites include the Gunting, original Ronin, and original Yojimbo.

IIRC, the only Benchmade I have bought was a CQC-something, which I carried for a while, and then gave to a friend, as its too-squared-off feel did not appeal to me.

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I was a benchmade whore for decades.
I would buy a few of the new models every year but after the fiasco that occured at BKC over the gun cutting and contributions to liberal politicians, I swore them off forever.

My main focus was on collecting the various models of Ares for a long time but when my collection was complete I needed something else to pine for regularly. That need was filled with the PM2.

That said, I don't carry a PM2 that much and prefer to carry a Yojimbo for SD work. I still carry an Ares regularly too, but neither of these are very good for regular cutting tasks.

I was gaga over the Para3 LW for a while, but over the past few months my go-to utility blade has been the Hogue Ritter. I absolutely love this knife and have three of them in rotation.
It is absolutely the Griptilian killer.

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I am a huge Spyderco PM2 fan. I have about 4 spares just in case! These are the perfect EDC knife for me. Most of my Benchmades have been sold off.

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We are like people here.
My first three Spyderco knives were junk!
I still own two, the POLICE model is junk!
Held together with non tightening pivot pin and loosens up.
I went Benchmade, Microtec, Chris’s Reeve , Jim Burke, ZT, GT, Merc Worx, Keyshaw and a few others, then I tried SPYDERCO again!
Made in USA! I bought 4 new ones including two Sprint Run models, the Shamon with S90V and carbon Fiber and the Para 3 with S35VN black blade G-10 scales great knives.
I had in mind to get only new knives that are flippers, but I have developed the Spydy-flick.
EDCing the Manix 2 at the moment, I dusted off my Spyderco sharpener and I’m enjoying myself, taking older knives and putting a nice edge on them.
Benchmade, I have quite a few, including 4 model 710s with various scales and blade steels, never carry them.
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