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Just snagged an esee 5. Got talked into it at my LGS as I was in the market for a fixed blade survival knife. Not unhappy with the kk I’ve, but it’s heavy.. and I prob overpaid (but always good to support my LGS).

I’ve since checked out a few reviews of the knife and it seems like people rate it highly.

Tell me I won’t be disappointed

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I have a 4 and an Izula, and really like them. I have other knives to fill the “big knife” role, but the 5 would do it just as well.
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I really like my 5, I also have a LaserStrike, a 6, and a Junglas. I like the 5 the best. Why? It is just so "substantial," a serious piece of steel. Seems like you could beat on it all day long and not do it any harm while whatever you are beating it on is going to be a hurting puppy. Probably not the first choice for delicate work. Big Grin
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I'm a fan of ESEE fixed-blade stuff as well. I've got a couple with The Knife Connection replacement scales that really complete the set-up.

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ESEE makes great gear. I prefer the 3 for most purposes, but since you're wanting a large and beefy blade for survival use, the 5 is a great choice.
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It's a beast. You won't be disappointed as long as that's what you were looking for. You'll want a smaller, lighter, finer blade (could easily be a pocket knife) to act as a companion piece and do the more delicate work. But you won't be under-gunned (under-knifed?) for the tough work. Stout, sturdy piece of metal. Feels good in the hand, too.
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