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Can anyone recommend a good custom sheath maker?
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Kydex or Leather?
What style of sheath- Right hand drop sheath, cross draw?
What type of knife- User, Custom?
What's the intended use- Hiking, Camping, Hunting?

I got Dan Crotts from Dozier Knives to make me an excellent kydex cross draw sheath.
Paul Long makes excellent leather sheaths.


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Tom Kelley at Dark Star Gear if you want Kydex.

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Can we get a picture of the knife?
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I've used Paul Long for some leather, David Brown of Buy Brown for Kydex, both are among the best. My last two leather sheaths were made my Lance Nixon of Nixon Leather, he did an outstanding job, he's only on FB.


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I was talking to R Grizzle Leather (Ryan Grizzle) about having him make me a couple of custom knife sheaths. (I haven't gone forward with the plan, yet.)

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