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I like their product. I upgraded the case to their a Deluxe version. It looks like I sewed it. That isn’t a compliment. It isn’t the same as the pictures on their website and instead of pockets they used scissors to snip the corners instead of actually making/sewing a pocket. It’s already fraying badly and seems like it will rip at all the cuts very easily.

I called them and they admitted the pictures on their website aren’t correct and that yes mine is representative of every one they made.

Mine has gone back for a refund. It is a horrible product from a usually solid company. To make matters worse I wrote and unflattering but accurate review. They won’t publish it.

Not a fan of companies that cherry pick reviews.
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I have neither the space nor the time for these type of sharpeners. The setting and resetting just to home an edge, ughh. I think the Lanky systems are similar in too much prep time.
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By the way speaking of reviews.
on Amazon someone wrote a review on Moochelle Obama's book that got by the screeners. It Referenced Michael, His book and that it never addressed those awkward lumps that appeared in many pics... rather funny and the snowflakes at Amazon completely missed it!

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I get it!!! But, I get a WICKED edge from my Wicked Edge system that is repeatable!
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I get it too. My WE GO is my go to sharpener. It is fast and easy. Unlike my Edge Pro there is no mess and it’s easily faster because there is no swapping sides. The bag sucked though. This product should never have made their lineup.

That being said, on the other site the owner addressed my issues. He also expedited my refund and so this experience has cost me nothing but time.

I hope they pull these and put out a product that mirrors their pictures and their normal quality.

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I love the WE.
Instead of the case offered by the company, I use a Pelican-style hardcase. Fits perfectly.

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Mine has been solid for many years, I think I have a Gen 1 or so.
Had it maybe 8-10 years, love it.
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