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Hey knife gurus, anyone know where I might send my Spyderco Salt knife to to get the blade ground to a plain edge instead of the “Spyder Edge” that it has on it? I love the knife, size of a delica but with steel that won’t rust, even in salt water. But I’d really rather have a plain edge. Depending on the cost I could just get a new one with that if its not worth the attempt.
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If you grind the serrations off, won't the blade be awfully thin? Is there a non serrated Salt? Just get one of those.

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I don’t think it would be cost effective having it reprofiled versus buying a new one. You’d be losing about a quarter of the blade as well.

I’ve got a Pacific Salt and I went with the Spyder Edge, but I know they offered it in a plain edge as well.

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I'm not normally a serrated guy myself and I only have a couple knives with serrations. My Spyderco Tasman Salt is one of them. This is due primarily to the fact that their knives with H1 "steel" can and do hold an edge much better with serrations than the plain edge versions. Something to do with 'work hardening', or some such. Otherwise, H1 is not particularly well known for it's edge retention in plain edge knives. Just something to keep in mind with your decision making.

I would also say that rather than grinding the serrations off, to just go with a new knife altogether for the reasons others have already mentioned.

Spyderco has been working a bit with a different steel that has nearly the same corrosion resistance as H1, but has quite a bit better edge retention called LC 200 N. Not many of the Salt knives have this steel in them yet, but Spyderco does offer a few models with LC 200 N. It might be worth checking out if corrosion resistance is what has you looking.
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