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Wow. That is nice. Kalishnikov of knife sharpeners is probably not a great slogan though. Lol.
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Just watched the second of two video updates on the WE Go. The first video was repairing and reprofiling a damaged kitchen knife edge with the 200 grit stone, this latest update shows finishing the edge of the kitchen knife with the 600 grit stone. Just a few swipes and the blade glides through paper and cuts paper thin slices off a tomato then through a 3/4" sisal rope. A very good working edge. I do believe I will get the 800/1000 grit stone to take the edge up one more level.

looking forward to my delivery.

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I have the Wicked Edge system and I can put one HELL of an edge on a blade. From polished that you can read text with to toothy to cut through most anything! It's a good system.
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