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I've had a CQC7 and a horseman.

Awesome, but chunky, and I prefer autos. One got given away and another was sold here. Hopefully the purchaser is still enjoying it.

If they made a thinner scaled, auto A100 I'd be all over it.
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There is something great about figuring out what you like (and what you don't).

I have two Emerson folders, both SOCFK-Bs in black.

I loved the grip but my first one was a straight edge, not partially serrated which I figured out that I preferred - I put it aside for awhile until I bought a serrated version on sale at Midway a couple of Xmas's ago and it became everything I wanted. It's just perfect for what I want in an EDC knife.

Last holiday season I sent them both in to Emerson for sharpening and to partially serrate the straight blade. Since the model is long discontinued, it's great having my EDC knife and a spare.

I also have a PUK but it hasn't seen much use. Love it but it's hard to carry / use being a fixed blade, but I really like it.
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Originally posted by jimb888:
Originally posted by wildheartedson0105:
FWIW, unless your Emerson is lacking the wave on the blade, it's best opened by design rather than by trying to "flip" it open.

Thank you, it does have the wave...must have been me as I tried the pull it out so it flips thing and it wasn't consistant for me. I can pull a Blur out with either hand and without thinking have it snapped open with a quick flick. I might git it another try and practice with the Emerson a bit. Folks that have them generally love them.

Give it a little practice, doesn't take much once you get the feel of it. Before buying my Mini CQC-7, I purchased one of the inexpensive Kershaw/Emerson collaborations to see if the "wave" opening design was something I could get used to (and invest in, in the form of a pricier full-on Emerson).

Emersons with the wave are meant to be drawn and opened in a precise motion. Best practiced wearing a pair of jeans, IMO, and scary fast with practice. After getting it down, it becomes second nature to draw and open one. After some time, you might warm up to it!

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