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I was watching this tv show called Forged In Fire and they had this episode where the guys had to make a karambit. Know very little about knives but its a wicked little knife. Thought it would be a terrific ccw to have if I learned how to properly use one. I looked up some of them and i saw a Honshu that looked about right but like I say I know nothing about what makes a good knife. So my question is if I'm in the market for one of these what should I be looking for? Any thoughts or info is appreciated. Thanks all.
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Look for a training class. It is VERY easy to hurt yourself with one. I recall one guy who spun it around his index finger and it became embedded in his forearm BONE.

Not cool.


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Kerambits are so 2008.

They are a specialized fighting knife. If you aren't a kerambit fighting expert, it will be of no use to you except to convince everyone you are Billy-badass. And be realistic, how much use for a fighting only knife do any of us really have?

Get a regular knife.

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Great show.
If you get one, tape the blade and put a cork, pencil eraser or something similar on the tip.
Wickedly effective in close weapon; with proper training.
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If you are seriously considering using one, the first step is to take a class.

The Kerambit is a very specialized knife that requires specific skills to utilize safely

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I own 3. I a fox parong, a fox 478 and the trainer version of the fox 478.

They are different to use than any other knife I have found. The way they are held and the blade shape puts you closer, even inside the opponents attack range to be used. Bruce Lee called this trapping range. This is a difficult place to get into without getting hurt, and can be hard to maintain. The other issue with them is it is hard to go gorilla attack with them. As in a repeated simple attack that people often go to under duress. The curved blade held the way a karambit is, does as most of them do not allow a traditional stab motion. So you have a knife you have to train more and differently to use, while not being able to use it normally.

All that said, on a knife you could do a traditional attack with that had a ring like a karambit would aid you in keeping ahold of the thing. The Fox Parong has this (decent field knife too but there are better ones) but the handle is not great for use as a normal knife.

After spending a lot of time with them I don't carry them anymore and I wish I spent the time training with them doing something else, like doing karate in the garage, wondering why the motorcycle won't start, or reading the articles in playboy.

But then of course I might be a 13 year old girl who reads alot of gun magazines, so feel free to disregard anything I post.
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Originally posted by BlueZee:
I was watching this tv show called Forged In Fire and they had this episode where the guys had to make a karambit.

Doug Marcaida's technique demo on that episode got everyone's attention. Big Grin


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