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Right up front - No association with Superlube.

I've been using their oil on folder(s) for a bit with satisfactory results, mostly for the USDA H1 incidental food contact rating.

Now I specifically try to keep my EDC blades clean and NOT use EDC/carry folders in the kitchen for the obvious reasons. But when out and about or sometimes that snack pack which needs 650 lbs. of foot-pounds of torque to open, the folder might get called upon to do its thing near food.

Haven't tried the grease thick as it is, it would likely be better reserved for a disassembly/cleaning/reassembly process.

It probably won't replace my normal oils/greases for firearms, as I'm pretty satisfied with what I've been using for a couple decades (mostly TW-25B, Tetra and Wilson).

Anyone else tried Superlube on their knives?

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Have used on knives and firearms with good results.

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Super Lube also makes a good O ring lube. I use it on anything with rubber. Good for ammo can seals too.

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Introduced to Super-Lube when I got a tube from The SIG Armorer with a 226 he went through for me.
Been using it ever since on auto pistols to ar's.
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I use food grade mineral oil.

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