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I saw them in the magazine's , ages ago.

they were just 1911 pistol grip panels on each side of a folding knife frame.

did any of the knife nuts or 1911 guys ever own one or six?

were they good ? better ? or great quality knives?

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I have the Ultimate Equipment M1911 standard model that I received as a gift some years ago. Mine seems well built and it has held an edge nicely. It’s large and heavy. A ‘BBQ folder’ if you will.



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I've seen Rolan_Kraps post pics of one he has with Ruger 1911 grip scales, IIRC. I think it may have been a folder, but it's been a few years.

Thanks for the info, Phxtoad, looks like this is their website:

Cool concept. I'll admit it: I'm intrigued. The S35VN blade steel would be my choice over the 420, though.
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Only from the ones I have handled, they were fair in quality. Yup more of a “ Barbecue “ Knife.....
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I remember Loyd McConnell, a custom knife maker, making a folder, it was an auto, IIRC. He's still making knives lives in Marble Falls, TX. I had him make me a fixed blade may years ago.


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