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Hello Everyone,

I just received two new knives this week. I stored away the boxes and miscellaneous items they came with, but found myself wondering what for? So my question to all of you is: Do you keep the boxes and miscellaneous items your knives came with or do you just discard them?
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I keep the box for anything where the box would improve resale value. So, for a knife, yes keep the box.
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On not cheap knives, I will save them for a couple years in case I decide not to keep them. Somewhere down the line if I run into the box and realize the knife has been used enough that the box wouldn't increase the resale price (not that I'd sell it at that point anyway) I'll toss it.

I have sold knives 2-3 years after I've bought them with little to no use, and ben happy I still had the box.

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Typically, no. I buy knives to use, not to collect or resell. So there's no need to hang on to the box.

But I do have a box full of miscellaneous accessories that came with new knives and flashlights, like extra screws, lanyards, spare pocket clips, etc. Even if I don't plan to use them at the time, I'll hang onto them in case they become of use later down the road.

And I do keep the little microfiber bags that some knives come with. You can never have too many of those stashed around, for cleaning sun/safety glasses and the like.
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I have with my Spydercos, and yes, it did come in handy once with resale.
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I have recently retained all my knife boxes. Mostly, for resale purposes. As many buyers seem to hold a high-value on the original packaging.


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I have a few boxes but no real rhyme or reason. I have dozens of knifes, have never resold a knife in my life and have no plans to do so. Can't imagine keeping the box of every knife I have. Would take up half a closet LOL.

That said, I have bought a few pre-owned knives on the secondary market and box and paperwork included has always seemed the most attractive offer even if I'm likely to toss the box when received. Usually expect to pay more for it is a given ... pay less if no original box and paperwork.

Just seems that those who keep the box and paperwork for possible later resale are generally the type to take noticeably better care of the knife while in their possession. So there's that too in the resale price consideration.
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If its a "decent" knife, I keep the boxes stacked in the closet.
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I have usually kept all the packaging, boxes, literature, etc, but sometimes I give in and toss them. With my firearms, I always keep.
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I got boxes for knives that I've lost! Mad
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