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Snagged a new Praetorian from MKT. it’s a big hunk of
Metal, but for Some reason I really like it. And it isn’t a pain to carry...

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So you still liking it?

Writing the next chapter that I've been looking forward to.
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They're made in Phoenix. They make my ZT303 look tiny in comparison. Expensive but works of art.

The blade can split a 10mm barrel lengthwise... Razz
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That’s awesome.

Medford makes some big ass knives but I do really like them. I probably won’t ever spend that much on a knife but I always enjoyed stopping by their booth at blade show to check them out.

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I love some Medfords. I currently have the On Belay, 187DP, Slim Midi (great EDC size) and Infraction (great EDC size) by them. I'd like to get a Praetorian Ti one day but I dont have the funding yet.
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