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I got the Microtech bug months ago. Picked up a UTX-85 S/E Black Part Serr 231-2. It's my first OTF. Also have a LUDT with part serrated 135-2. The LUDT is very nice, but I expect more. In my opinion, my Protech TR-3 SWAT is nicer than the LUDT. Plus the TR-3 SWAT is $76 bucks cheaper. After checking out more Microtech knives, I decided to buy a Troodon OTF D/E Satin M390 Serrated 138-5. The Troodon (not the Combat Troodon) actually felt better in my hand opening and closing the blade charger over the UTX-85.

Only difference between the Ultratech and UTX-85 is that the Ultratech is a half inch long. So not a big difference between the two when holding them. Not worth it to me. Now that the Troodon is my new favorite EDC, I'm on the hunt to find a Scarab Executive OTF D/E 176-3. It's got to be the Executive, not the regular Scarab. Microtech's are hard enough to find as it is! Trying to find a any Scarab Executive seems to be impossible. Looking like its going to be a very very long time until I find a 176-3. Which is fine.

I'm now a big fan of Microtech knives.
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Bit by the bug for one of the Siphon II pens just when they seemed to have dried up. Finally found a few recently discovered and listed one company. Eight were listed and within a week they were all gone. Fortunately I picked one up in SS OD. Not the color I would have liked but figured I better get a NIB one while I could.
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