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Thinking of adding to my slowly developing go bag, is this a good economical choice?
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Schrade SCHF3N

No experience with that model but I’d up the budget and go for a Becker BK2 or BK16. The 2 is a heavy “little” knife that you could build a house with. The 16 isn’t quite as heavy duty but will handle a lot. I get going economic for stuffing in a bag you hope to never need but should that day come it has to be gear that will do what you need.

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I have no experience with this specific model, but I put the Schrade SCHF56LM through its paces last summer on a couple camping and hiking trips.
The 56LM comes with 1095 carbon steel, which I would rate higher than the steel of the SCHF3N. Easier to sharpen.
One caveat, try to look at any Schrade in person before buying. The QC isn't that great, and the variance between examples of the same model can be a bit glaring.

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Go to some knife forums and cruise their for sale threads. You can get some bargains and get much better knives than Schrade. Everyone will tell you a good heat treat on lower end steel beats high end steel with so so HT. All true. Got to figure out what you need the knife for. 1095 is a good carbon steel, no frills, tough, no stain resistance at all. If you GO bag one, force a patina and keep it waxed or lubed because it still rust easier than stainless.

Seriously, go buy used. More knife for the money.
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