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Both were in my store today buying dog food. Mr. Winkler has been a customer for a while but I have never met him.

I got to shake theirs hands, which were massive and hard as a rock. :+) They couldn't have been more gracious.

It was a thrill for me.
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Both Dan and his wife are outstanding people. I'm so glad you got to meet them!

I always have a couple of his tools with me wherever I go.

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Nice. I met Mr Winkler at Blade as well as a few others. Another really nice guy I've met several times is Ryan M Johnson. One of the best parts of Blade show is meeting the makers. Cool experience.
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Very nice, I've known Dan for years. He built me a custom camp knife many years ago. Karen does great sheaths.

Jason is also a friend but we've never met. I have three of his pieces.

Two great knifemakers and good people.

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