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I have a very used and slightly beat-up Spyderco PM2 that I received as part of a trade. I am not so much a fan of Spyderco knives, nothing against therm, I just prefer other brands. I put it for sale on another forum and sold it. Come to find out that the buyer was sure it was a fake. Apparently there is a huge market for fake Spyderco PM2 knives. Of course, I refunded the funds and he returned the knife. I saw the youtube video he shared with me, but I gotta be honest, I could not see any real tell tale differences between the knives. I'm no expert and while I plan to sell this thing, I want to make sure it's genuine. Could someone tell me any significant differences between the genuine article and the fake one?

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Is this the video he shared with you?

It seems fairly easy to differentiate between the fake and the real one, if you have a real one in hand for comparison.

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It is that video. Now that I have the knife back in my possession, so can see where the differences are between a real one and a fake one are. I really needed to have it in front of me to see the details.

Thanks for that. Looks like I’ll just sharpen it as best I can and put it in my tool box.
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Turn the knife upside down. Look at the steel liners. Toward the middle of the knife there will be a slight notch (under the scales) in the steel liners on each side. If your knife has those two slight notches it's not a fake. Use a flashlight - should be relatively easy to see.

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Those fakes are pretty good, it caused me to check my PM knives that I have had for a while now - looks like I passed. Smile
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Different fakes have different differences. I don't think we can answer your question without seeing your fake (or non-fake).

Some fakes are pretty close matches. Some are obvious fakes.

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I have a fake PM2 that I got unwittingly. Was very disappointed once I realized what it was. Still even as a fake it is a decent quality knife so I am going to use it as a beater.

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