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based on other thread it seems a common issue in this forum...

Did you cut yourself fairly soon after getting your first knife ?

Several Times


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Not my first knife, my first hatchet/camp axe. I was about 10 and trying to make a fire starter stick. I came to far up on the stick and shaved the knuckle on my thumb real good. Learned my lesson too.
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Yup. I was young, maybe 10 or so when my dad bought me a Swiss Army knife. We got it home and went to the kitchen to make dinner. I sat at the bar, took my new knife out of the box (back when they came in those silver boxes) opened the blade and sliced my thumb open. I was so afraid he’d take it from me that I just made a fist around my thumb to slow the bleeding. I put the knife away and waited until it seemed like a reasonable amount of time to not make him suspicious and went to the bathroom. Thankfully I didn’t need a bandaid so he never knew.

It was the first of many cuts.

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probably. course, since i make knives for a living now, both my index fingerprints look like fractal art. i come in the house pretty regularly with a cut that i didn't even notice until i wash my hands. but, chicks dig scars. the cut i remember the most is the time i was checking out my dad's large folder he carried. he kept his knives scary sharp. i remember being amazed at the nasty slice to my finger and feeling absolutely nothing. it was so sharp it bit me deep without any resistance or pain. that was actually scarier than the wound to my young mind. it was like some kind of voodoo.


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I still do.


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Actually, no. I started carrying a pocket knife when I was 10 or so. Dad probably saw to it that it wasn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer because of who was carrying it, but that’s another story.

Over the years after I learned how to actually make a knife sharp, I’ve managed to cut my self several times. A couple fairly seriously. Maybe Dad was right?

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I don't remember ever cutting myself with a knife until I bought a Microtech SOCOM Alpha Tanto Fixed Blade. I bought a few more knives without issues and then I bought a Microtech SOCOM Elite Manual Tanto. I don't know what it is about these but they are the sharpest I have ever had- I should have listened to the Knife Shop Owner's warnings.
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Not my first knife, but first assisted-opening knife.

A friend gave me a Kershaw Leek back in college. I didn't realize it was an assisted opener. I took it out of the box, and the first time I went to open it, I pressed on the thumb stud, and the blade leapt forward with the pointed tip scraping across part of my other hand. Luckily, it wasn't deep, because the back edge of the blade isn't sharpened, but it was enough to draw blood.
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Not my first knife, but yes I have ct myself with more than one of my knives.

In this world, there are two kinds of people, those who have cut themselves with one of their knives and those who will cut themselves with one of their knives.

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Fricken Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn automatic knife. First "switchblade" I ever bought. Sucker opened in my pocket. Didn't know I was injured until I reached for it and the blood flow from my hand stained my khaki pants. 25 years later I still have that sucker and am still afraid to touch it!

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Yes, I was 6 years old. I had been given my Scout knife for my birthday in January and I carried and found a use for it every day. One spring day, I was widdling on a tree branch trying to cut a square end, when the branch broke and I cut a nice flap on the last knuckle of my left middle finger. I managed to stop the bleeding and apply a bandage with the help of my big sister. My mother didn't discover my injury for 3 days, but when she did she confiscated my knife for a week. I swiped my brother's 6" Bowie knife for the duration of my pennance. :-)

I also cut myself on my newest knife, a Buck Knife with gut hook. I was gutting a deer and somehow slipped and cut a 2" gash across the top of my left thumb web. I didn't even notice until 20 minutes later when I was driving my tractor off the hill and saw blood gushing out of the cut. Rinsed it off, applied pressure, and then superglue. Bang! Good as new, but one he'll of a scar.
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No, but right after getting my very first SAK at around 10, I showed it my friend next door and told him it was sharp right before he pressed his thumb into the edge and out came blood Roll Eyes .
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Cut myself playing with a Benchmade BM42, not my first knife, but my first wound from a knife.


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I don't know if they still do or not, but the original Buck Vanguard (early 90s-ish?) came with a sheath that had a V notch cut out of the top back seam. This was to facilitate ease of rentry into the sheath. What it was to a young man who just received a honest to god hunting knife for Christmas was a handy place to have your left hand fingers wrapped while you pull it out with your right hand.

Turns out those old high carbon Buck knives were sharp as shit right out of the box, and they'll cut right through a kids finger flesh like it's not even there.

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I cut myself as a kid with a slipjoint I got in Batangas as a kid in the Philippines. Not funny now, but my brother and I got into a playful knife fight, we both had live blades and had little wooden shields we made. I thrust my knife into his shield and it closed on my fingers.

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Yes. i was six and Gramma took my Barlow away. Never got it back. When I was 12 she took the Colt I ordered from Western Auto, too.
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Probably. I can't remember my first knife. Must have been quite a while ago. Wink
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Yep. My dad brought me back a Swiss Army Knife from a business trip to Switzerland when I was about 10. When I was 12, I took that knife to scout camp, and promptly split my thumb whittling a stick the wrong way. But what's scout camp without a little blood Smile

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Yup, when I was about 6. Granpa gave me a tiny pocket knife, like a keychain knife. Cut myself closing the knife. Took all of about 5 minutes from gift giving to bleeding. Granpa caught hell from Grandma and I got the mecurichrome treatment, which, come to think of it hurt worse than the cut.

Thank you for the memory. I dearly miss my grandparents.

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Shit I stabbed myself (literally) with my hundredth-ish knife Frown

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