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Smith Diamond stone course then fine. Gets everything wicked sharp. Even axes.

But then of course I might be a 13 year old girl who reads alot of gun magazines, so feel free to disregard anything I post.
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This is hands down the best knife sharpening system on the market right now. It's exactly like the edgepro/wicked edge, but the refinement and quality of the system is unsurpassed.

Unlike the other systems, all guess work is removed with this one.

Personally I use the ken onion work sharp. It's just too easy and faster then anything I've ever used before. I suppose any belt system will work, but the worksharp is small and easy for anyone to use, including my 70 year old mother.

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After spending a LOT of money on all kinds of equipment, and a LOT of time, I discovered it’s not my forte.

I found a retired guy the local Williams Sonoma subs to. He’s fantastic, quick, prompt, friendly, personable and only charges $3.00 per knife.

I gladly pay him and spend my time doing something more productive, profitable and enjoyable.
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Originally posted by guardianangel762:
Smith Diamond stone course then fine. Gets everything wicked sharp. Even axes.

This then finish up with a ceramic rod. I have a machine(Edge Pro) but I just prefer to sharpen by hand.

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Wicked Edge for many years now.
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I use both Dmt and some other ceramic stones that work with the angle guide from dmt.. I start with the course diamond and work to the 1000 grit ceramic. It gets my bench made very sharp


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Thanks for the replies guys. I've learned a lot and welcome any additional comments/feedback.
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Used a lansky system for years now have the work sharp different then pictured here but WOW does a wonderful job, then once you get the edge just a few passes the next time and OMG sharp!
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Send em both to Emerson once a year.
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