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I finally got an Emerson Irish Knife. They made some in my preferred model, the Commander.

I bought it because it’s cool and I had actually thought about using it on occasion. I’m not really a collector though I have a few nice things that don’t get used much. This is not one of the Irish bog wood handled models that are auction only items, just a Commander with a black blade, clear/green grips with shamrocks and a titanium shamrock thumb opener.

On the other side, they don’t make many of them and they’re usually in a tanto blade knife and they usually sell out before I can snag one.

To collect or to use?



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If it's in nice condition, I'd probably keep it that way. My Emersons are beaters; they're tools that I expect to scratch and ding and hurt.

If it were me, I'd use one of those for carry and utility and put the collector edition in a drawer. That's just me, though.
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Kinda like platonic love? It wants to be used and used hard.

Personally it's a real pleasure to use one of the nice knives. Does it really fit your hand? Are there hot spots on the handle when used hard? Does it keep an edge?

I cringed when I dropped my nice Dozier Folder but was relieved afterwards since- It's not cherry anymore.

It's a tool and made to be used. Being used highlights why it's a great tool.


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Use it, I see many pictures of nice unused collectors but I don't see many pics of user Emersons.
The one cqc7 I picked up on the classifieds here is in my pocket now and has been used daily.
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Use it. It will never become retirement money valuable. It won't ever get much more valuable than it is now, if it increases it all.

Randalls increase in value. Original Loveless knives. A few other custom makers' knives are like that. The rest are users.

Use it.

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That particular one will never be made again.
Use the others first.
When you get down to this one then decide.

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