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Kershaw CQC-8

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A Benchmade mini-grip if I can get away with a clip in my pocket (most of the time), a Case canoe if I'm in my Sunday best.
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Some kind of Emerson. Usually my Emerson Persian Tactical or my mini CQC7 if I need to go small. Also a Victorinox Swiss Army knife.
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My Victorinox Farmer w/ orange ALOX handle
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I purchased a used sebenza on the SF classifies because I couldn't bear to scratch my NIB version.

It has shared equal pocket space with a Para 2 over the past 5 years.

All my other knives, either too fancy, too big, too small or whatever reason don't get more then a day or two at a time. I just feel most comfortable with either of the two mentioned for EDC.

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Leek was always finding it's way in my pocket, now that auto's are legal the Launch 1 or my Boker.
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Böker AK-47 65th Anniv. auto - my most carried since 2012

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Someone posted this here a while back Prior to this I carried a standard red SAK Tinker.

This is my EDC

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