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Hello all.

Considering purchasing a Benchmade Valet for a colleague to celebrate a milestone and promotion. I haven't been able to lay hands on one in person, but it seems that most of the word online is positive.

Backstory: my friend is a diehard benchmade fan and wants to be carrying a nice knife with business professional clothing. It seems like this one would be a good fit and be a little less common than most benchmades.

Anyone have first hand experience. Likes or Dislikes?

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No experience, but looks awesome. Maybe I need one?

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It’s a nice knife. I have handled one and liked it.

I considered getting one for my dad as a present but gornthw 698 instead. Some people complain because the axis lock is smaller (smaller thumb stud and smaller axis lock tabs) it can be hard to manipulate ergonomically compared to say like a 943.

As a micro sized gentlemen’s/office knife I think it is outstanding.
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