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I've always been fascinated by integral folders since I got my first Scott Cook Lochsa. However I've never been a big fan of framelocks. I very much prefer the AXIS lock.
Yeah, I've been labelled a Benchmade fanboy. But for good reason. They don't always hit it out of the park, but when they do the results are spectacular. The Benchmade 781 Anthem is a really gorgeous knife. It looks like something forged by the Elvish of Middle Earth. Integral one-piece titanium handle with a modified AXIS lock. Ball bearing washers ensure super-smooth action. S20V steel, which is essentially US made M390.

The downsides IMHO are few....the pocket clip, though beautiful, is not as snug as I like. I haven't attempted to bend it tighter yet as I don't want to risk breaking them. And the titanium is a little slick despite the chevron sculpting. And the two tiny screws used to hold the AXIS lock to me is a little glaring. For me the Anthem is akin to a BBQ gun rather than a hard use edc. I've owned the gold one for a year or so, and though it doesn't replace my regular edc rotation much, I do love carrying it. I got the purple one recently--it was anodized by a fellow member on the BKC forum.

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Very nice looking!

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Benchmade fanboy?
Oh, you're way past that. Wayyyyy past that.

Nice scores!


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Those are pretty.

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