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In deference to this thread, I've decided to turn my misadventure into your good fortune. This is a small CRKT M16 folder in near perfect condition.
  • Post minimum:1000 No minimum post count. You must have been a member before 03.17.2018 and share a story as noted below.
  • You must have a UPSable address somewhere in CONUS.
  • The winner will be determined in a purely arbitrary manner at a time unbeknownst even to me.

>>>To enter you must tell us your favorite lost and/or found knife story.<<<

Best of luck.

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Unlucky number one.
I was using an LB 7 preparing a large raised bed garden for a compost delivery.
The two yards of compost were delivered and the knife was gone.
Searched and searched, but it was buried; never to resurface.
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My lost knife was a small Gerber that was given to me by my brother. I carried that knife for about 20 years. I was on a hunting trip and must have dropped in the field somewhere. I've felt like I lost a part of me when I lost that knife.

Thanks for the opportunity.

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Thank you.
Count me in!

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Unhyphenated American
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Please put me in. Favorite lost knife story would have to be the one where I lost and found my lost auto knife more than once.

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Cool karma!

Years ago, before I had any really decent knives, I had a Gerber EZOut folder that I carried everywhere. I eventually lost it.
For two years I didn't know where it went.
One day I went out to my dad's house to mow his lawn. As I was finishing up I saw something stuck in the ground. It was my old EZout. That's when I remembered I took it out to trim some branches a couple years prior. I must've stuck it into the ground and forgot about it. Despite the years it sat out there, the little surface rust came off easily. By then though, I had other knives, so it never got used and it eventually ended up in the possession of a fellow forum member.

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Years ago at my old house in northern Michigan I was using a brush hog to cut down a bunch of unwanted wild blackberries. This machine is like a weed whacker on steroids with a steel blade, and has a harness that hooks onto and helps distribute the weight of the machine. Well it must also have hooked the clip of my Cold Steel Voyager and pulled it out of my pocket at some point, never found that knife.

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I have 2 stories both involving SOG knives. First was a Seal Pup that I bought used when I was ~14. My parent's had just bought 100 acres and I was out exploring and it fell out climbing a tree, searched around the tree for 30 minutes and couldn't find it. 4 or 5 years later I was out walking around walked by the tree mentioned above and kicked the knife with my foot.

Second was a SOG multi tool that I had with me camping after a big snow. Realized it was missing the next week and went through my camping and snow gear and couldn't find it. 2 years later reorganizing my camping gear and it was sitting on a tote and apparently it had been in the pocket of my snow pants or in the backpack that my snow pants were in and fell out as I was moving stuff. Had checked those pants and the backpack at least 3 times looking for them.
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First, thank you kindly for the generous karma. Please include me.

Years ago down on the Outer Banks of NC we had to move a wooden sailboat inland up the Intracoastal Waterway because of a hurricane. We holed up at a quiet anchorage and didn't realize we had anchored over the remains of an old mooring dock. As the tide went down the boat bottomed on a piling stub and cracked the garboard. (Innermost plank by the keel).

When the tide rose we began shipping a lot of water. In no time we had about a foot and a half of water in the bilges. (This was a 42' ketch). I discovered that the main bilge pump wire connections were under water and were dissolving under salt water. We packed the cracked plank as best as possible but we still had water coming in. In the middle of a hurricane, with wind and rain sheet blowing was not the place to be with a holed hull.
Because we left in a hurry, all I had for the occasion was my Victorinox Army Traveler knife.

About every half hour I had to get into the below deck bilgewater and take that knife and cut back the wires, re-strip the insulation again, and re-connect with wire-nuts. It would last about an hour before electrolysis would dissolve the copper wire strands and the pump would lose power and stop. I was cold as my clothes really never got to dry, but we made it to the shipyard to get the boat pulled by crane without sinking.

Unfortunately my use of the knife blade over and over again on heavy gauge copper wire pretty much ruined the blade. But without that Victorinox knife our boat would have sunk.

I cleaned the knife and flushed with fresh water and oiled it well. After we later sold the boat I could not find the knife. It wasn't until about fifteen years later I opened the top pocket of my rain jacket and found the knife... Still have it around.
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^^Wow, that's a good one. Saved a boat with a knife.

EDIT: Just noticed the post count. Agghhh!

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Back in the old days no one ever went out without a knife- as a kid I took a small folding one to school every day (gasp)...

Thing was about that particular area was that you had an inlet with about a five+ knot incoming and outgoing current. When the tide was really ripping sometimes if your anchor line wasn't long enough the anchor wouldn't bite. You'd find yourself quite a few miles offshore before you knew it.

Anyone commercial fishing would have at least one knife on hand. I usually kept both a sheath knife and folding knife in my raingear pocket. If you did shrimping or flounder gigging you would be out on the water by yourself all night-
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Nice karma.

Boat, lake, cutting rope for a buoy, oops. Bye bye K Bar.

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In 1975 when I was 17 years old I bought my first buck knife, a 110 folder. Carried that knife everywhere I went for several years. All of a sudden it was gone and though I looked hard I couldn't find it. In 2009 my father passed away and we had to go through his house, remove everything and get it ready to sell. I was cleaning out one of the rooms in the basement when I came across that buck knife shoved way to the back of a shelf dad used to store canned goods. It looked pretty rough, but it cleaned up fairly well. I still use it from time to time.

I've never owned a CRKT, so thank you for the chance.

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Wait, what?
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In for your generous karma- thanks for the chance!

I have lost a few knives over the years; some turned up, some did not. My story involves my all time favorite EDC.

My knife story was losing and recovering my vintage Benchmade AFCK EDC I've carried on duty for about 20 years. It is the smooth edge liner lock model with Teflon coated ATS-34 steel blade. I was staying at a hotel in Asheville NC for work. About an hour into the drive home, I noticed it was not clipped in my pocket. I raced back and searched my room, unsure if it was there that I had lost it. I found it where I had sat down right before was down in the cushions of the couch in the room.

It is a well worn, scarred old friend. it is sitting in front of me as I type this.

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I was driving and hit something in the road. I pulled over and it was a bag of trash someone threw out and it got stuck under the front of my car. While I was pulling it out, I heard something drop. I looked with my flashlight but couldn't see anything. I continued driving, and a few hours later, I reached into my pocket for my Benchmade Auto Adamas and it was gone. My wife had purchased it as an Anniversary gift and had it engraved with the American Flag on one side, and the Punisher Skull with "Always" on the other.
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The Unknown
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As an overly dumb late teen, I once purchased a used Buck knife at a pawn store. It was my first fixed blade knife, and it served pretty well until I got the brilliant idea to try throwing it.

By pure dumb-ass luck, I stuck it perfectly in a tree on my grandparents property several times in a row. Then my younger brother came out to tell me it was time for dinner.

"Okay, thanks. Hey, check this out. . ." And eager to show-off my imagined knife handling skills, I lined up the shot and expertly tossed that knife right past the tree and into the hundred acre wood.

I looked until dinner was cold. And the next day I looked some more. I looked for days for that knife.

Until I finally realized there are knife gnomes in the hundred acre wood, a distant relative to the hardware gnomes that live in my garage to this day. And sometimes, when you toss something to them, you never see it again.

(Unless it's a woodscrew. The garage gnomes hide those for a while, but eventually put them back under the tires of my wife's car where they're easily found.)

Please enter me, and thanks for the chance.
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Many years ago, I was in the mountains trout fishing. I sat on a log and used my little Boy Scout knife (similar to a Buck 102) to clean a few trout and put them in my creel.

I got home and my knife wasn't in the sheath. I couldn't figure out to save my life where I had left it, but a month later I was in the same spot and found it sticking up in the log I had sat on that day.

I still have that knife to this day, but I won't carry it anymore. I gave it to my dad when he lost his knife, and he carried it for 30 years or better. He returned it to me a couple months ago, and told me thanks for letting him borrow it.

Here's to the sunny slopes of long ago.
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Originally posted by sgalczyn:
Thank you.
Count me in!

Do you have a lost/found story?
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God will always provide
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In Please.
My first knife when I was 6 yrs old in 1957. My Dad and I were in a country store that had mystery wrapped gifts on a tree for around a buck a throw. My choice wound up being a Roy Rogers knife with a chain attached. I could tell my Dad was not thrilled with my first blade! When we got home I was twirling the knife above my head by it's chain and the chain broke from the knife!! Into the brush beside the road it went. And after 15 min of search my knife was deemed irrevocably lost. I dried my tears and soldiered on as only a 6 yr old can do and marched into the house. My parents were more than content as to how things had worked out. It was a few more years until I owned another knife to call my own. Total time owned for my first knife was around 25 min and we never ever bought another unknown gift from the Mystery gift tree.
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I lost a large fixed blade Buck. I was certain i had put in in a hunting backpack but i simply couldnt find it anywhere. Then one day it occured to me there was a zippered pouch near the bottom of the pack. Low and behold there it was. The knife had somehow been rolled up in the liner and I couldnt feel or see it when looking.


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