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Anyone know anything about DKC Knives? I handled a fixed blade model today and thought it looked and felt nice. At MSRP, their Damascus steel knives seem priced a little low compared to their competition. Some of their models are deeply discounted on Amazon, such as:

DKC-522 INTREPID Damascus Tanto Hunting Handmade Knife Fixed Blade 8.9 oz 9" Long

DKC-518 BUSH MASTER Damascus Tanto Bowie Hunting Handmade Knife Fixed Blade 14 oz 1 Foot Long 12

The DKC website says, "DKC Knives is dedicated to bringing you high quality hand made knives at reasonable prices. We are based in the U.S.A. and all products ship from our U.S. locations."

Is that a roundabout way of saying, 'We have mediocre products made in China but designed and shipped from US warehouses?'
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Well I cannot hardly buy QUALITY Damascus for the price of the whole knife. Quality is the key with the statement.If it seems too good to be true................. Frown It could be half decent material, but then you got to to think bout heat treating. I'm gonna say a gamble. I think I would save a couple more bucks and get an ESEE or a DBK(one of mine!!!!) and be assured to get what you are looking for in a knife. Also I love Damascus, but there are SOOOOOO many steels that are more resistant to the elements. I have some Damascus that I HAVE to keep lightly coated with oil to prevent oxidation/rust from the humidity here in Tn.
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Yep, 100% hand made in Pakistan and shipped from warehouse in U.S.. I'd be shocked if a $2 butter knife from your local department store didn't hold a better edge.

Quality costs. While there are makers who put out great budget friendly blades this doesn't look like one.

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Zero reviews on Amazon don't sound good.
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