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Sitting feels good temporarily, but it increases the pressure on the nerve roots. If you must sit, try to sit on something like a barstool, where the legs are outstretched as much as possible.

Sitting with the knees up is the worst position, like when driving a sportscar.

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Definitely stretching.

I had the same thing. I would put my leg up on the side of my bed straight out try to touch my toe and stretch twice a day. Finally went away.

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I had this bad when I was 25. So I'll share my story.

Started with tingling, burning and pain in my right leg and bum. I tried acupuncture, spinal care, stretching and walking for an hour every morning (the stretching and walking helped, it really did) eventually it turned into really bad burning, pain and numbness. Then I went to a sports and spinal surgeon and got checked put right. Xrays and a MRI. I had 2 ruptured discs, my surgery was over a year and a half away due to scheduling (I made sure my surgeon was one of the best and his closest opening was that far off ) it was the most excruciating time of my life. Almost 2 years of opioids and ibuprofen. I have permanent nerve damage resulting in muscle tissue loss of my right leg and calf and still get bad cramps every once in awhile. Don't wait. Don't put it off. Don't try home remedies until its too late.

Go get yourself properly checked out and get it taken care of. If therapy and stretching is all you need a good surgeon will send you in that direction.

Just my experience. The spine is not something you want to take chances with.

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Also, once they cut me open they found a 3rd disc higher up that was also slightly ruptured and causing nerve pain, sometimes slight compressions and ruptures do not show up on an MRI or Xray.

Dont take chances. I was lucky. I've met guys who lost lots of mobility or needed a fusion (huge loss of mobility and regular function) because they waited too long.

I was offered a fusion and declined due to mobility loss. They now have disc implants which have a good success rate and no loss of mobility or function, titanium is pretty badass and if I have problems again that's the route I am going. Hope it's just a compressed disc or inflamed disc not ruptured.

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I had a debilitating bout while delivering appliances, actually missed some work.

I joined the gym and did ass exercises for
46 days , ( three days a week)

and that helped immensely.

kept a log in a note book and started out slow .

at the end I had quadrupled the reps with more weights than I expected

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See a good chiropractor. They truly do make a difference!

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You can't know how to fix your problem until you know what it is. Sciatica is the symptom of your issue, not the source of it.

Have your doctor check you out so you can identify the cause and address it appropriately.
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Guys, thanks for all the advice here. I tried to post 3 times now but the damn wifi boots me and I get irked. Im not going to no doctor as I dont feel I need to. Got no insurence any how. I started some stretching last night and felt a bit different today, until walking on uneven black top about 3/4 mile. Tried doing some work for a friend in a storage unit but it agravated things. I will stretch and rest and see if it goes away. Back pocket is empty and I notice a difference not sitting on that leather slab. I will keep you posted how I do.
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The same thing happened to me in 2011. No reason, just started. After a few weeks of trying various exercises and stretches with no consistent relief I went to the Dr. It took an MRI to confirm it. L5/S1 disk bulge.

The first time they sent me to PT. It didn't do a lot. The second time it flared up I followed what most of my family has done and found a good chiropractor. He was awesome. The first few sessions took the pain away. I stayed with him for years slowly backing off on the frequency of visits. No issues as of today but I am a lot more careful of the things I'm active in after that.

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Originally posted by Skins2881:
From fiancée:
She adds "Those except for wag the tail and stability ball."

Curious as to why not the stability ball. I love the way that stretch feels.

I already do most of the stretches in this thread for playing golf, (though lately not often enough), *really* glad I don't have sciatic problems. I have friends that do and it sucks to see them so uncomfortable.

Big Thanks to Skins and Ensigmatic for the links!!

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