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Anyone here with car dealership knowledge that can comment on what a fair "out the door price" could be on a brand new 2020 Automatic Honda Fit LX model?

And where in the U.S. would that price be?

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i always check edmunds. just got a 2019 LX - email me.
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More specifically, I'd peruse the Edmunds Forums for the specific kind of vehicle you will be purchasing.

There is a wealth of knowledge there if you are willing to take the time to research the posts that are pertinent to your potential vehicle purchase or lease.

The moderators can also quite helpful if you ask for their comments regarding a proposed deal as long as you sound like you know what you are talking about.

Good Luck!
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You'll never really know unless you shop actual dealerships.

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After checking Edmunds, go to the dealer websites and e-mail the five or so closest dealers for a quote on your exact car. You'll see the lowest price you can get, and no haggling required, because you will already know what you can get it for from the other dealers. Did this with my last two cars, and their internet sales teams give amazingly low prices (low commission).
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this was a good article -
If you're planning on buying a new Honda soon, your new vehicle might just be assembled by one of Honda's many talented office workers. Due to coronavirus-related staffing issues at least one of its U.S. plants, the Japanese automaker has asked some of its white-collar workers to step away from their neatly-organized desks and join their fellow assembly-line colleagues on the factory floor.
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Removed -- wrong post

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Sellers market right now (covid cut production severely, used car market way way up). Unless you have to, I would not buy right now. Check out articles on Manheim.

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price it out on
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