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We have been using them for 3 years. King size, 1 firm and 1 regular. Put them in the dryer without heat to fluff them.

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We like them.
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Wife bought a pare they were fine, then she wash them, they turn into sand bags could not sleep on them. We gave them away. I should have turn them into warranty.
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The Jos A Banks of pillows, always on sale.

Wife bought some a while back, not sure what happened to them. I didn't use it, she used hers for a while and is on to some other expensive looking pillow.

Nothing good or bad to say about them, certainly not life changing.


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Bonnie bought one , then two more, she likes

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I sleep on buckwheat hull pillows. I think I'm the only one.

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Bought 2, I love mine, wife still swears she prefers down.


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Originally posted by Phred:
I recently stayed in a hotel that had "My Pillows" on their beds. I was not impressed with them at all. The pillow is filled with chucks of cut up foam rubber, you can feel each individual chunk and lump...definitely not for me.

This. I bought 2, but think they suck and they're now in my guest bedroom. Lumpy chunks in the pillow. I prefer and use a natural down pillow.
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These came up in discussion over the Christmas season. I had been using a memory foam contour pillow for the last few years but was complaining that it made my head sweat.

A couple commented that they'd tried magic Mike's "My Pillow" but found the Serta Luxury Knit Pillow from Kohl's to be vastly superior.

Picked up one on deep discounted pre-Christmas sale ($30) and was rather surprised by the weight and ability to shape which holds throughout the night. Very very comfortable. Liked it so well got a second at even less ($24) using a Kohl's coupon.

As an aside I'm a side and back sleeper with a non-obtrusive nasal cushion CPAP. The Serta is superb for me.

If you have a Kohl's close by it is well worth your time to check these out! Big Grin

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I've been using one for a couple years now. My old feather pillow died long ago & no other foam version has worked as well for me as Mike's product.

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Anyone Use My Pillow?

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I bought two about 18 months ago. Wife didn’t like hers. I used mine for about a year. I eventually gave up on it. The foam filler shifted during the night and lost support for my neck.

A PT who worked on my back issues said Mike had a great marketing effort but said the results were lacking. She suggested at the time that a rolled up hand towel placed under the neck between the shoulders and the pillow provided great support.

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The wife got two (one was free) a couple of years ago. They lasted about two months. Not sure where they are now.

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