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Ordered two of them for the wife and myself; I picked the "blue" level for myself and "green" for the wife.

Anyone have any experience with them? They had a BOGO deal going on and I've wanted to try them for several years now. Current pillow is a memory foam neck pillow so this may take some getting used to.

Seems people either REALLY love them or REALLY hate them, there's not much in-between.

What have the Forum's experiences been with them?

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I've been married for many years & the entire time, my wife has been in search of "the perfect pillow." We've had ALL kinds, most of which have ended up in the Goodwill or Community Aid boxes.

We've been sleeping on My Pillows for at least 9 or 10 years now, and I haven't heard her complain yet.


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I'm a down pillow man, myself. Most foam pillows "bounce" or otherwise do unnatural things to my neck/spine. The drawbacks of down are that it loses its body (the feathers ultimately get crushed) and every now and then a feather makes its way loose, and can poke.

I'd be interested to learn how My Pillow compares to a down pillow.

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I have 2 and they are great for me.

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I have one - it is fine, but not magic.

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I recently stayed in a hotel that had "My Pillows" on their beds. I was not impressed with them at all. The pillow is filled with chucks of cut up foam rubber, you can feel each individual chunk and lump...definitely not for me.
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I’m convinced that there is no other pillow but a high quality, firm, down pillow. My wife seems to be always searching for a new pillow. Awhile back, she bought My Pillows (BOGO) and the two were different firmness levels, I guess. She tried both for awhile and they ended up in guest bedrooms. Now she’s using some sort of memory foam pillow—at least for now.

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I’ve had one for a couple years now. It works for me.
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Wife bought one for me few years ago. No complaints.
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We like ours quite a bit. It lived up to the marketing hype, which surprised me.

Regarding the chunky feeling, it's never bothered me in the least. Yes, you can feel the individual foam pieces when you touch it, but it doesn't affect comfort at all.


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We bought two and neither my wife nor I liked them. Actually, we really hated them. The chunks of foam rubber mentioned by Phred seemed to be what we thought our pillows were filled with, though I never checked to find out.

My wife has looked and looked for the perfect pillow. She saw the ads for these and thought they looked good. She's still mad at herself about falling for the ads and that was a couple of years ago.

I've considered down (haven't slept on one since I was a kid at Grandma's farm) but I am thinking my allegies would not tolerate one.

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I had one and returned it. I only use down pillows now.
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Been using one for ~6mo. Other than having to re-fluff it from time to time, it's been great.
Had a memory-foam pillow before that I liked, but was a bit firm/held my head too high (back sleeper).

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Our nephew bought us a couple for Christmas 3-4 years ago. My wife did not like them, but I do. She bought a different pillow for herself, I'm still using mine.

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Ours are great—-we’ve had then for five or six years.
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Yeah, wife and I like em. Also good for the kids because they're washable.
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Mrs.BurtonRW and I picked them up for a song at a home show a few years ago. No regrets.

I agree with jhe888 that they're good, but not magic. We both like firm pillows and have no complaints about them.

They might not get as hot as fast under your head as other pillows, but they do get hot and every now and then I'll actually flip mine over. Not often though - I'm usually sleeping pretty well.

As far as I'm concerned, one of the best things about them is ease of washing. Once they come out of the dryer, it's super easy to fluff them back into shape, unlike other kinds of pillows.


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I’m a bit “different”.

I quit using pillows over ten years ago. Instead, I use a small soft rug, about 24” x 18”. I keep several of them on hand – easy to wash and dry (and store). I sleep on my side, alternating left and right.

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We use them. I found that I needed to order the next size up in firmness than the My Pillow web page questionnaire calculated. I like them and I'd buy them again.


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My wife and I got two of them for Christmas. So far, so good. They are very comfortable.

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