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My wife has had two hip replacements in the last 20 years. REHAB is everything. If you are not able to commit doing the rehab, the best surgeon in the world will not be successful. My wife swims, and rides a bike with ease and we are avid bicyclists.

My $.02
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Adding to my earlier post...
I watched about 15 hours of YouTube videos of hip replacement surgeries prior to my March 20 operation to become aware of what the experience would be like. They use lots of tools and there is a fair amount of bleeding.
The videos hammered home my desire to have the anterior surgery. My scar is only 3.5 inches long.
From the time I walked into the hospital at 5 a.m. to the point I was wheeled out the door the next day to get into the car was only 32 hours.
In the hospital I walked three times the day of surgery and twice the day I left.

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I never had it done, but I know a bunch of guys who have. Young guys and old guys. Your experience really depends on how fit you are and how willing you are to do the work and stay in good condition.

I know a guy who’s in his late 60’s who just got two new hips to replace the two hips he got in his late 30’s. He’s a physical specimen and is also an ocean rowing competitor who still consistently beats guys in their 20’s. He can’t really run though...


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I had my right hip replaced in Nov 2015 at the age of 56. Anterior procedure. Did it early in the morning and because my wife is a PT and knew the doctor who did the surgery I was able to go home that afternoon. Most of the patients she treats after a hip replacement get to go home that day, but some spend a night in the hospital if all goes well.

They will have you up and walking the same day and want you to put weight on it as soon as you can tolerate it. The more activity the better. There are some limitations with the anterior, but they are less than with the posterior procedure. I was on the serious pain pills for about 7 days, tried to get off them and found that I needed them for a few more days. Compared to my back surgery a year earlier I would say the recovery was a bit longer, at least in terms of the narcotics for pain relief.

My younger brother had his replaced a couple of years later at age 48 and his was also the anterior method. Quite a difference in the philosophy of the doctors where he had his done (Colorado) versus mine (Memphis). They feel that his activities post surgery can be the same as before whereas my doc was more conservative and really prefers I limit some activities that I used to do. Could just be that I'm older but I think the doc in CO was just more willing to fix you again if you mess it up while skiing or playing baseball. Both of us have been playing adult baseball for many years and he plays a lot of softball also, and his docs were ok with him continuing those and skiing as well. Obviously you need to be careful because you are more susceptible to injury or dislocation with the artificial hip. I still play baseball but I am very careful about not sliding or diving, particularly on my right side. Don't think my doc would be pleased with me but you have to live your life.

Anyway, most people will tell you that they wished they had done it sooner, I had needed it done for a while before I finally got it done. Was pretty apprehensive but after having it done I'm glad I did. The first 4 days are going to be rough, and the rehab is painful, getting around with a walker or a cane is cumbersome, but the relief after a couple of months will be worth the effort. Definitely look into the difference in the limitations after surgery with the anterior vs posterior methods and decide which is right for you. My wife has treated hundreds of post replacement (hip, knee, shoulder) patients and she recommended the anterior so thats what I went with. I do play baseball with a guy who had his done years ago with the posterior and other than his gait still being a bit off you probably couldn't tell he had an artificial hip as he still runs and slides with abandon, guess he isn't as worried about another operation if he breaks or dislocates his hip.

Pick a good surgeon and get it done.
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Yeah, high impact stuff like running will be a thing of the past, but that's not a huge deal.

Our new guy here does nothing but anteriors and has great outcomes with them. Minimal blood loss (3-500cc, if that), a few days inpatient, and you'll be up and at 'em in no time flat.

Ask your anesthesia provider for a fascia iliaca nerve block and you'll wake up essentially pain free and be so for the better part of the day. Following that, IV and oral pain meds will cover you very well.

I don't mean to minimize it, as it's still a major surgery with a general anesthetic and both of their associated risks. But, it has become a very common surgery, and as such, most folks have gotten very good at doing them...meaning, the risks have decreased substantially.

You'll do fine.


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I had my left hip done on 9/19/18 (posterior) in an outpatient surgery center. Arrived @ 6:00am and was back home @ 11:30am. I was the first person at this facility for outpatient THR.
I had a total of 5 in home PT visits of 15 min. each. After that, in home excercise and walking.
I’m 58, no issues.
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So, while still awaiting the doctor’s reply, what about riding for the weeks leading up to the cutting? (Performed to strengthen the muscles?)

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Wife had anterior done 5yrs ago. Had one done in March and the other done October same yr.
1st on was $3500 deductible out of pocket second one was free.
She couldn't get on the back of the motorcycle before and now she rides with me all the time.
Anterior makes the difference!!

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And say my glory was
I had such friends.
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Second friend just got diagnosed with an infection on one end of his incision after two months. Praying for him.

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