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I met Mitt Romney at the local republican office when I was volunteering there back in college. Also met Roger Cook from This Old House.

And while not meeting in person, I did have a nice conversation with Mike Rowe on the phone.

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Doug Bradley aka Pinhead

20 years ago I worked as a hotel bartender and recognized him. He gave me his autograph. Really nice man.
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Air Vice Marshal James Edgar 'Johnnie' Johnson, CB, CBE, DSO & Two Bars, DFC & Bar.

We sat together at an air display at IWM Duxford back in the late '90's. He had a very lovely 50-something lady in tow who was not his wife.

You can read about him here -

The guy sitting on his other side was some German geezer called Galland, or something like it.

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Hal Smith aka "Otis Campbell" from the Andy Griffith show. We were at a car show in Charlotte, NC in the 70's, "Otis" was there, walking around joking with everyone. He would go into full character, making everyone laugh. He took the time for every picture and autograph request.

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Originally posted by cparktd:
Michael Landon
About 1960 or 61, I was 5 or 6. After standing in line to throw some change in a collection pot at the MDA Telethon in Nashville for what seemed like hours, I got to shake his hand.

I met Dawn Wells, the first celebrity I met, at the MDA telethon in the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville in the '70s.

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- Both by Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret.)
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Phil Mahre / Steve Mahre / Cindy Nelson - all on the 1980 USA Olympic Alpine Ski Team.

I was on a family ski trip at Killington, VT (during the '80 Olympics over at Whiteface, NY) skiing the infamous "Outer Limits" trail over at Bear Mountain. All of sudden the USA Ski Team appears, sets up gates and starts training on Outer Limits! They were all friendly enough in lift-line and at the top of the course, but nobody was allowed to rides the chair with them (no autographs either). Damn, and I thought I was a decent mogul skier!

In 2010 while hanging out having a few beers out on the porch of the Sellersville Hotel (PA - it's right next to the Sellersville Theater) waiting for the Hot Tuna concert to start, walking out of the restaurant and right onto the porch was -

Jorma Kaukonen (and his wife), Jack Casady, Barry Mitterhoff (madolin) and Skoota Warner (drums)!

Holy Shit! Being a long-time and enthusiastic fan of HT, I probably (and unknowingly) batted my eyelashes, Beatle screamed and briefly fainted.

I said hello to Jorma and he shook my hand. We actually chatted for few minutes which I thought was very nice.


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are all of these "met" as in formally introduced?
did you just see them and say Hi ?

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I had such friends.
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Johnny Bench. Attended a game with a guy from his hometown. After the game we headed to the players entry and we asked a security guy to tell him we were outside. He came out and visited with us for about 10 minutes. Still have the signed cap.
About four years later, he was the keynote speaker for a chamber banquet and I got to sit by him....he didn't remember me.

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There's a picture of me with Julio Iglesias somewhere on a plane when I was like 2-3 years old. I don't remember the encounter.

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Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, when I was eight.

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Originally posted by Chris Anchor:
The first celebrity I remember meeting was Carlos Montoya a guitarist known for his style Flamenco music. Chris

I met him too backstage once. Someone asked him how he made his guitar sound like a snare drum, and he showed how (called the "tambor effect", which every classical guitarist knows how to do).
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In 1956 when I was in 4th grade in Mt. Kisco, NY I met Johnny Podres. He was in our neighborhood because he was dating one of our neighbors who happened to be a family friend and my occasional baby sitter in past years. I got an autograph. This is why that was a pretty big deal to a kid and Brooklyn Dodgers fan:

"Podres helped the Dodgers win World Series championships in 1955, 1959, 1963 and 1965, although he did not actually pitch in the 1965 World Series.[3][4] In the 1955 series, after the Dodgers lost the first two games to the New York Yankees, Podres pitched a complete game, seven-hit victory on his 23rd birthday in Game 3. In the climactic Game 7, Podres pitched a 2–0 shutout to bring Brooklyn its only World Series championship. Podres was given the first-ever World Series MVP Award by Sport magazine and presented with a red two-seater Corvette. Later he was honored as the Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated magazine."

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I met Ed Koch several times, once at a public appearance in my neighborhood, once a few years later on a class trip to City Hall.

Once briefly met Al Gore (in '88, before the crazy) when he gave a little speech at a place in the neighborhood I grew up in.

Met Ozzie Smith at a game. Well, technically under the stands before a game. I had food poisoning and was trying to find the aid station, and was not at my best. He was very nice anyway. And very short.

Got to talk to Niven and Pournelle at a little event/talk they did once.

Encountered the band members of Nirvana, at a tiny gig they were playing before they were big. I didn't know who they were, other than 'some obnoxious guys'. Learned later one of them insulted a friend of mine. Didn't talk to them.
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The first celeb I met was Soupy Sales. He was signing autographs in Sam Goody music store.
I ate lunch everyday with John Seda. He portrayed John Basilone in The Pacific.

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Smiley Burnette played Frog Millhouse, Gene Autrie's sidekick, in the movies. He as well as Andy Devine at different times made appearances in a city park in Lawton, OK. This was in the early to mid '50's.

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I completely forgot that Hillary Rodham Clinton grew up and lived a block away from me In Park Ridge IL.
Her girl friend used to babysit for me and my Sister when I was in grade school.

If she had won the presidency I would have found a psychiatrist that could have put me under to help me "re-discover" that she had molested me as a child.
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I've got two - both when I was ~5 years old.

1) RADM Richard O'Kane (MOH, Navy Cross x 3, Silver Star x 3).
He was a friend of my grandparents, and rowed me around on a little lake "fishing" for blue gills.

2) Rick Barry of the then San Francisco Warriors. He lived in the same town in CA (Orinda) and manned a free throw exhibit at a local charity event. I tried the underhand free throws...

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Carl Erskine
Mitt Romney
Gladys Knight

I used to do a lot of flight plans for pilots flying stars around, most just complained what a-holes they were.
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Allen Funt of Candid Camera. His grandson an I were in the same cub scout pack. He was an extremely nice guy.

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AJ Foyt, I was about 12 or so.
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